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At Demex Decks we have built our reputation in the Toronto industry over our many years of experience and connections with our clients. We have achieved a strong long-lasting presence in the industry due to our outstanding quality of services, experience in the trade, and specializing in the workmanship for residential and commercial markets. 


Our goal at Demex Decks is to develop a long-term and trusting relationship with our clients and work with you to create a unique design that stays true to your vision and plans. Demex Deck’s has high expectations when it comes to the level of service and customer loyalty that we provide and we have assembled a unique team that possess the dedication and highest skills in the industry.  


Our skilled team offers a personalized approach to every unique project that our clients want regardless of the size or complexity of the project. The team at Demex Decks has a strong passion and love for what we do and achieving the most beautiful designs for you. Over the years we have been dedicated to learning new styles, designs and paying a great amount of attention to small details in order to ensure that the highest level of quality is met.


Our promise to you at Demex Decks is that we are a reliable, innovative and a committed team. We have always stayed committed to achieving the final results that you have been dreaming of. With many other deck builders in the area we strive to provide unique and up-to-date designs that our clients will love. 

Your satisfaction is our number one priority and we work hard to build the highest quality product that meets all of your standards. We love to get creative with our clients to find new ways to create a comfortable, beautiful living space for you to enjoy and cherish everyday.


We will work with you every step of the way to ensure we are creating a design that stays true to your vision and best suits your needs.

Since each client is unique, our skilled team offers a personalized approach to every project, regardless of its size or level of complexity.

We truly love what we do, and that means paying attention to the small details and dedicating the time necessary to each project in order to ensure that the highest level of quality is met.

At Demex Decks we value every client, so we want to make sure you are absolutely satisfied with the final results.

We work with you every step of the way to ensure that we have achieved and delivered exactly what you were looking for. If you’re looking for a unique deck transformation, you`re at the right place!

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Demex Decks has many years of experience in residential construction, so everything you see on the site is certainly within our scope! Much of our work is custom tailored to the individual needs of our clients, so if there is anything you have in mind that you didn’t see on our site, ask us about it! We’ll be happy to discuss your vision with you.


Perfect way to add functional space where your family and friends can gather.


Protection, privacy, boundaries for pets and decoration. Our specialists can help you with all your fencing needs.


Enlarge your backyard space and enhance the life quality for you and your family. 


Shelter from rain, a place to rest and ornamental features. Gazebos and pergolas can add many benefits to your outdoor space.


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