In the vibrant neighborhoods of Newmarket, where community spirit and the love for outdoor living converge, there’s a name that stands out among the deck builders—Demex Decks. Established in 2010, Demex Decks has been weaving dreams into reality for homeowners seeking to enhance their living spaces. If you’re in the market for a deck that not only elevates your property but also provides the best value for your investment, look no further. Demex Decks is here to turn your vision into a stunning reality.


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At the core of our business is a commitment to customer satisfaction. Our understanding is that a satisfied customer is our best form of advertising. Demex Decks ensures a seamless and enjoyable experience from the moment you contact us to the final walkthrough. Take a look at our reviews and hear from our satisfied customers.
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Deck building is not just about construction; it is about understanding the unique needs and desires of homeowners. At Demex Decks, we understand that for many of our customers, this is the first or second time they are navigating the process of building a deck. That’s why we make it a priority to provide clear communication and transparency from the initial consultation to the last nail.

Demex Decks brings a wealth of expertise to the table with over a decade of experience in deck construction. Our experienced team has successfully completed numerous projects throughout Newmarket. We have earned the trust and satisfaction of our customers. You’re choosing a builder with a proven track record when you choose Demex Decks.

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Ready to start building your deck in Newmarket? Contact us now for a free estimate and professional consultation. Or explore our portfolio and take the first step to creating a gorgeous outdoor space with Demex Decks. The deck of your dreams is waiting for you!


Building a great deck starts with quality materials. And we use only the best materials, ensuring that your decking will stand the test of time in the unpredictable Canadian weather. It can be an unpretentious composite or affordable pressure-treated wood. It’s your choice! We are committed to transparency in costing, providing you with a clear breakdown of costs so you can make informed decisions.


What neighborhoods in Newmarket do we serve?

When it comes to decking builders in Newmarket, Demex Decks proudly serves all neighborhoods. From the historic charm of Old Newmarket to the family-friendly coziness of Stonehaven-Windham, our skilled team is ready to build decking and enhance your outdoor space.

How long it takes to build a deck?

The size of the deck should be taken into consideration, the more complex the deck design, the longer it may take to complete. On average, deck construction in Newmarket takes between 5 to 14 business days. The exact timeline for deck construction can be given after the project design has been surveyed and agreed upon.

What is the average cost to build a deck in Newmarket?

For example, the average cost to build a 16×16 deck (frame and decking) for 2023 with pressure treated wood is $34.69 / sq. ft. including labor and materials.


You can calculate the average cost of a deck using the data on the cost page. To calculate the full cost, you need to be an expert in deck building and understand all the technical aspects, know the quantities of all materials needed and their costs, as well as your city’s deck building codes. Or simply contact us for an estimate.

How to contact the Building Services ​Department in Newmarket?

Municipal Offices Address: 395 Mulock Drive P.O. Box 328 Station Main, Newmarket, Ontario
L3Y 4X7


Phone: 905-953-5300 ext. 2400
Email: buildings@newmarket.ca


Customer Service Counters are open:

Monday – Frtiday: 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m
The Customer Service Call Centre is open:

Monday – Friday: 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m

Whether a permit is required to build a deck in Newmarket?

Decks which are attached to a structure require a building permit. A building permit is also required for other decks that are larger than 10 square meters (approximately 108 square feet).


A Building Permit is usually NOT required when:

  • Construction or demolition of decks that are not attached to a house and are less than 10 square feet;
  • Construction or demolition of a detached building less than 10 square feet with no plumbing;
  • Replacing doors and/or windows that are the same size as existing ones;
  • Construction of detached (structurally independent) structures of 10 square feet or less;
  • Floor and ceiling finishes;
    Repairs to chimneys, porches, decks, or roofs;
  • Basement waterproofing repairs (no plumbing involved);
  • Replacement of furnace (no structural alterations);
  • Painting or decorating


Whether or not your deck requires a building permit, you should contact the Zoning Examiner to determine if your proposed deck meets the zoning requirements for your property, primarily setback from property lines.

Which are Zoning By-law Standards in Newmarket?

Zoning by-laws address issues such as how land can be used, what types of buildings are allowed and where they can be located, lot sizes, parking requirements, density, height, and setbacks. Use the interactive map of Newmarket to quickly and easily determine your property’s zoning designation.

Planning Documents

  • Newmarket’s growth and development is guided by the Official Plan.
  • The Secondary Plan is the guiding policy for redeveloping and intensifying the Yonge Street & Davis Drive Urban Centres.

Zoning Bylaw

  • Zoning By-law 2010-40 implements the regulations for the use of land outside of the Urban Centres as outlined in the Official Plan.
  • Zoning By-law 2019-06 governs land uses in the Yonge Street & Davis Drive Urban Centres that implement the Secondary Plan.

The Zoning By-law is a complex document that must be interpreted in its entirety. In addition to the zoning of your property, there are other requirements that must be met for many types of changes. If you have any questions regarding your zoning, please contact Demex Decks and give a consultation or the Planning Services Department of Newmarket before undertaking any work.

What building codes govern the construction of decking in Newmarket?

Your project must comply with the Ontario Building Code, the Town of Newmarket Zoning By-law and other required permits. The Ontario Building Code (OBC) is the regulatory framework that governs the construction, renovation and remodeling of structures within the province of Ontario. The OBC is a detailed set of technical requirements and minimum standards for construction in the province. You can read the Ontario Building Code dated May 12, 2023 below.



Are there any residential deck building guidelines for homeowners in Newmarket?

Review the helpful guide that provides step-by-step assistance with decking applications in Newmarket.

Homeowners Guide to Building Decks – Newmarket 2023

What properties are on the Ontario Heritage List?

Newmarket has designated 47 properties as heritage properties and 72 properties as part of the Heritage Conservation District (HCD) on South Lower Main Street. The designation of these properties is in recognition of their cultural and architectural heritage value. They are protected from demolition, and any alterations made to the building must respect its heritage value. Please contact the Planning Department for more information about designation and/or alterations to a property. See their list in the document below.

Properties Designated Under the Ontario Heritage Act in Newmarket