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Grey composite deck with glass railings, featuring a green patio set and a barbecue grill, overlooking a forest
Outdoor living has always been very attractive for homeowners purchasing a house or even homeowners looking to build a brand new deck but finding the right deck pattern and material can be sometimes tricky. Picking deck patterns will not only elevate the look of your home but can also save you money on your deck and we are here to explain exactly why that is. We’ve put together a list of our top five deck patterns that will look absolutely beautiful and unique in your home but that can actually save you money- what could be better!
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Transition board floor pattern
Transition board is one of the most classic looks for decking patterns as it has a timeless finish that will look good for years. By using this specific board which runs straight across the rest of the deck you’re avoiding having to use smaller pieces which can result in buying extra material to finish the deck.


Picture frame floor pattern
If you’re wanting to add a little something to the look of your deck but you still want to use transition boards we offer the picture frame look. This look is super popular as you can use a different stain on the outer boards that will allow for contrast but at a low cost.


Herringbone floor pattern
Herringbone is a top seller if you’re looking for a statement deck at a low cost. By choosing this specific pattern it requires fewer angled cuts and creates a stunning flooring pattern throughout.


Chevron with transition board floor pattern
Chevron pattern has been a favorite for homeowners for its world of possibilities in the design. One of the most attractive features about this pattern is the diversity of the design. You can simply create a design that is completely one stained colour or add a unique touch by staining some parts of the boards a different colour to add a beautiful one-of-a-kind look.


Patchwork floor pattern
A lot of homeowners really enjoy the look of the patchwork pattern but that being said it does require the use of shorter pieces in a very specific design. That being said, this pattern results in an incredibly timeless look that you will be sure to enjoy for years. An added bonus is that if you’re wanting to add a special touch you can change up the pattern by adding a darker stain to have a more checkered feel and look to your deck.


Choosing a pattern for your deck is one of the most exciting factors when it comes to building a new deck but if you’re looking for a timeless and cost-saving pattern these are by far the best options to go with. Over the years in our business we have had the pleasure of seeing and building such unique designs that homeowners have come up with that elevate and create a one-of-a-kind pattern that is done in a cost-effective manner. No matter if you’re looking for a simple looking deck or one that is completely unique to your taste these patterns have been some of the most popular for homeowners building new decks for generations now!

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