Finding the best deck material can be a challenge nowadays with all the options that are available. Making this decision can sometimes feel overwhelming but as long as you follow key factors you can narrow down the best options of deck types that suit your space. We’ve put together a few pros and cons of our favorite materials that we wanted to share with you.
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Pros: Natural wood decking comes in various types such as cedar, redwood or tropical hardwood and regardless of the type it is a top favorite for a lot of homeowners that are building or redoing a deck. This material is extremely durable, has an attractive look and ultimately resists rot and insects.

Cons: Although this type of material is naturally beautiful once installed it does come with a few factors and qualities to consider beforehand such as financial and physical. This type of deck material can be costly depending on the square footage of the space. Not only is the cost a factor but without proper maintenance over the years the colour of the wood can fade or crack but to avoid this issue we recommend washing your deck and using a seal to keep up the overall look of your deck.


Pros: This type of decking is extremely popular for homeowners that are wanting an affordable wooden alternative that is cost-effective compared to other decking materials. This material is resistant to moisture, rot and insects and is visually similar looking to real natural wood. If you’re interested in building your own deck, this is a great material to use as it’s easy to install on your own.

Cons: One of the downsides of this material is that it’s infused with chemicals to maintain the resistances to moisture and it will release toxic gas into the air if burned. We recommend re-applying a good sealer after you stain the material to minimize the exposure of those chemicals but other than that, the only maintenance that comes with this type of decking is a pressure wash clean every year to maintain the quality of the deck.


Pros: One of the most favorite and popular plastic decking is polyvinyl chloride. This type of decking is extremely durable and very easy to maintain by an easy clean with a garden hose or mop when needed. One of the best parts of this type of deck is that it will not crack, warp or split over time and won’t get damaged due to decay or rot. Cons: One of the main cons regarding this material is that the surface will get hot in sunlight and is known to mold or mildew in the shade and darker colors will fade overtime.


Often picking a material for your deck can feel overwhelming but it’s important to keep into consideration how much maintenance you want to put in over the years. Natural Wood, Pressure-treated lumber and Plastic decking all have their pros and cons but remember what material will best suit your budget and your personal aesthetic! Contact us today to learn more about your options from a trusted expert.

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