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You might be wondering if adding a deck to your home will increase the value and be worth building for long-term purposes. Decks have always been a great way at elevating a living space and benefitting the value of your home. If you’ve been thinking of revamping an existing deck or building a brand new one and have wondered if it’s the right choice financially, we’ve come up with a few important factors to keep in mind while making this decision.
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Nowadays outdoor living space is a must for a lot of brand new or for recurring home buyers. Backyard decks have been replacing patio and front porches to allow for more privacy. Having a large enough deck space allowing for more versatile outdoor living is very appealing to most new buyers. In reality being able to add a table and grill on your deck will not only elevate the space but adds a lot of value to the entire home. Over the past few years contractors and realtors have been adding significant value to homes that have an outdoor living space which is a huge bonus if you’re looking to sell your home. If you’ve been thinking about adding a deck to your living space it’s important to look over the very important factors such as project cost, the right materials and the overall joy factor.


Considering the project cost before building or rebuilding your deck will help figure out if it will add value to your home. For example using Wood compared to using Composite decks will result in different value ratios. Another factor to consider is the location of your home. Having a house with a deck adds a lot of value to the home when it’s placed on the market. If your home is in a region where the outdoor living and outdoor lifestyle is more popular it will be more attractive to a buyer looking at the property.

Another important factor is narrowing down the right decking materials for your space while you’re planning to build a deck. Finding a material that is durable but doesn’t need constant maintenance is very attractive to home buyers. Not only is this an important factor to consider beforehand but it will add significant appeal to the overall look of your home.


And finally, the joy factor is one of the main reasons why building a deck can add value to your home. Adding a deck to your home not only adds a unique touch and feature to your outdoor living space but also improves functionality and livability. When home buyers are looking at a property they are also looking for a home with completed projects. It’s been said that 3 out of four homeowners feel more enjoyment in their home when the projects are complete and can enjoy the space freely. To simply put it adding a deck not only expands the living space but also allows the homeowner to experience more enjoyment in the space.


Adding a deck to your home not only benefits the value greatly but expands the living space of your home by 100%. Many factors play into the decision to build a deck but there is a significant difference in your home’s value if a deck is built. Outdoor living is an extremely important factor in many regions and if your home can accommodate that specific aspect, your home becomes automatically appealing to many potential home buyers. Contact us today to learn more!

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