Cost of Building a Deck per sq. ft.

Use the information below to get an average cost for your decking. These starting prices include material and labor. We have included the ability to calculate the basic parts of the decking separately. When you get the cost of framing, decking, railing, and stairs, add them up and you will get an approximate cost for your project.


The basis of the deck is the frame, it takes all the load and on its quality and correctness of construction depends on how many decks will please you. It includes the foundation and the frame itself. For the calculation you will need the area of the walking surface of the deck.

Pressure-treated wood

$31.95 / sq. ft.


The walking surface and the visible part of the decking that gives the basic look of the project. It’s where you’ll spend your beautiful days and evenings. You will need the walking surface area of the deck for the calculation.

Pressure-treated wood

$10.11 / sq. ft.


$13.06 / sq. ft.


$24.48 / sq. ft.

PVC or Vinyl

$34.07 / sq. ft.


By Request


Railings provide safety and accentuate the design. Depending on the height of the deck above the ground, you may not need it. You will need the length of the railing, including the railing on the stairs, to calculate.

Pressure-treated wood

$49.73 / lin. ft.


$54.33 / lin. ft.


$96.93 / lin. ft.


$108.23 / lin. ft.


In addition to its basic function, a staircase will help accentuate the personality of the deck. On high stairs you will need landing areas. To calculate, you’ll need to multiply the area of the steps by two, then by the cost per square feet.

Pressure-treated wood

$46.37 / sq. ft.


$50.68 / sq. ft.


$82.05 / sq. ft.

PVC or Vinyl

$87.51 / sq. ft.

* If you need help with the calculation, let us know and we will contact you.

** These calculations are based on a 16×16 deck, which is 256 square feet. The staircase is 7 ft high and 12 steps without a landing. Cost is current as of January 2024.

the cost

As much as we would like to help you calculate the full cost of the deck yourself, it is not always possible. There are several additional options that can be estimated only after measuring and discussing the project.

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How Much Will It Cost to Build a Deck?

Are you planning to build a deck on your property? You must be wondering about the cost of this exciting project. A deck adds value to your home and gives you a great outdoor space to relax and entertain guests. However, before starting this project, you need to know the cost to build a deck.

The cost of building a deck varies depending on several factors. First, the size and shape of the deck is an important factor. A small deck will not always cost less than a larger deck. You have to consider the shape, a simple shape that doesn’t require cutting the boards will end up being cheaper because it takes less time and materials. Second, the cost of materials used to build a deck will impact the overall cost. For example, a cedar deck will cost more than a pressure-treated lumber deck. Third, the complexity of the design of the deck can also impact the cost. If you want a more advanced design, lighting or waterproofing, it will cost more.

It is important to note that when estimating the cost of the deck you should consider possible additional costs such as permits, demolition of the old deck and other possible costs. You should plan to budget for these expenses when planning your deck project.

In conclusion, the cost to build a deck in Toronto & GTA depends on several factors such as the size, materials used, and design complexity. The average cost per square foot can be calculated using the information below.

Size & Shape

The main cost factor


A direct factor affecting cost and quality


An additional but no less important factor


How do I calculate the cost of a deck myself?

You can calculate the approximate cost of the deck using the data for the calculation above. To calculate the full cost you need to be an expert in deck construction and understand all the technical aspects, know the quantities of all necessary materials and their costs, as well as the deck building codes of your city. Or just contact us for an estimate.

What does the cost of a deck consist of?

Here everything is simple, it is the materials used and the work of professionals. Additional costs are obtaining permits, the design project, the demolition of the old deck, if available.

What affects the cost of a deck?

The basic cost of a deck is influenced by the size, shape, height, materials and their quality, design and any additions to the deck (such as lighting, waterproofing, privacy screen, deck skirting, installation of a pergola or hot tub, as well as other possible). Also, your city’s building code and other building rules must be followed. Please remember that an accurate assessment of the deck is possible only after inspection and measurements, as well as understanding the design of the project.

What should I consider when calculating the cost of a deck?

When you contact us, nothing, we will help you create the type of project and calculate everything for you. When you calculate on your own, consider all direct and associated costs. You should have the project in your head or on paper to estimate it. If the project turned out to be more expensive than you planned, do not despair, contact us and we will help you find a way out.

Why know the project budget?

Budget is important to know what deck you can build. The analogy is simple, when you come to a car dealership you will be asked what budget you expect and will be offered the corresponding car brands, then specify the class of the car, so it is with the construction of the deck. For example, if you have a budget for a wooden deck, you cannot build a composite deck because it is much more expensive.

How do building codes affect the cost of decking?

For example, there are setback rules that determine how close you can build to property lines, as well as requirements for height, structural supports, and the size of railings and stairs. This means that the design you have planned can be changed and most likely the cost of the deck will change. Following the rules of construction will make the deck safer and it will serve you for a long time.