You have the option of choosing the materials for your project. Each material is different in its quality, price and durability in years to come. 

Pressure Treated Wood

Pressure Treated Wood is the most common type of decking material used in the Greater Toronto Area, since it is the most affordable on the market. Spruce is treated with chemicals to add durability and resistance. It is greenish in color and contains knots. It lasts about 25 years.

Red Cedar

Because of its natural oils, western Red Cedar is well suited for the outdoors. While more costly than pressure treated wood, it doesn't need to be treated with chemicals (like pressure treated wood) to last 25 years. Red cedar ages to a beautiful natural color with silverish hues.


Composite is a material consisting of plastic and wood fibers. While it costs more than cedar or pressure treated wood, it requires very little maintenance and doesn't need staining to maintain its color. With proper care; however little, composite material will outlast wood.


Ipe is a Brazilian hardwood that offers beauty, durability and strength that no other decking material can match. While it costs significantly more than other building materials, it lasts for up to 100 years!

Plastic Decking

Plastic Decking is a material that consists entirely of PVC plastic and does not contain any wood fibers. It has a plastic appearance and costs nearly as much as Ipe. The only maintenance it requires; however, is cleaning!

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